St. Clair Township

St. Clair Township, a blend of pastoral beauty and modern living, offers residents a peaceful yet vibrant lifestyle. Known for its riverfront views and active community, it's a slice of paradise in Lambton County.

Quiet Community
Near Waterfront
Light Traffic
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Experience the charm of St. Clair Township, where rural tranquility meets community engagement. Nestled along the St. Clair River, the township is a hub for water sports and fishing. Its communities, like Corunna and Sombra, provide excellent educational facilities and community-centric events such as the annual Bluewater Borderfest. With abundant parks and recreational facilities, St. Clair is perfect for those who cherish outdoor activities and a close-knit community feel.




Living in St. Clair Township means embracing a lifestyle where natural beauty, community involvement, and a relaxed pace of life are paramount. It's a perfect spot for families and individuals who value a serene environment while still being connected to vibrant community activities.

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